Candle Welton London

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Candle Welton London offer to you 14 different smells:

  • “Black Onyx”     Citrus – Woody – Spicy
  • “Fleur d’Ambre”     Amber – Floral – Woody
  • “Sweet Ritual”     Vanilla – Oriental – Musky
  • “Nirvana”     Fruity – Floral – Musky
  • “Bois Précieux”     Oriental – Woody
  • “Majestueuse Orchidée”     Floral – Fruity
  • “Harmony”     Floral – Woody – Musky
  • “Secret Amber”     Floral – Amber – Musky
  • “Himalaya”     Citrus – Floral – Powdery
  • “Mediterranean Paradise”     Citrus – Green – Fruity
  • “Imperial White Musk”     Floral – Woody – Musky
  • “Intense Wood”     Woody – Spicy
  • “Musc Noir”     Floral – Musky
  • “Jardin Particulier”     Floral – Amber – Powdery
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A source of relaxation and well-being, the ideal final touch for a cosy interior.

A particular scent creates an atmosphere.

Ideal product to use occasionally for meditation, a relaxing bath or a romantic evening.

The house has its own scent.

It can be used as a decorative object and can be purchased as a gift.

Can be used for light aromatherapy.


Tips for taking care of your luxury scented candles:

  • Let the candle burn until the entire surface area is liquid (to avoid wells), especially on large models.
  • After extinguishing the candle, check that the wick is straight and centered.
  • Do not leave a candle unattended. Do not place a candle on a fragile surface (due to heat).
  • Cut the wick to 5 mm (to avoid smoke) before lighting the candle again.

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